Community Partnerships


Our business is focused on connecting your business or Non-Profit with the 3c's; community, customers and capital.

We focus on your needs, and find a safe and comfortable balance between those needs and your desired goals. We are not your typical marketing or public relations company, and are not here to replace the ones you currently use. We simply strive to enhance what you are already doing, by focusing on a more refined, yet out of the box approach. With an ever growing number of clients and consumers, Correlare is the perfect place to plant your business or Non-Profit seed and watch it grow.

At Correlare we help you connect in a way most businesses and Non-Profits don't think of. We help you stand out in a positive way that brings you brand loyal customers and donors that would feel pride in marketing and supporting your business or Non-Profit through positive word of mouth. You can look at Correlare as the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity for your business or Non-Profit.

If you are a non-profit and looking to raise much needed funds, need guidance on an event or just want to expand your reach to educate others about your cause, you can count on us to walk you through your fundraising or event planning to reach your desired goals.

Contact us for a free consultation and see what Correlare can do for you.

We have been helping businesses and Non-Profits just like yours for over 15 years,

The only difference is, "we just now put a name to it"!