Press 1 for English

When is the last time someone offered to shake your hand? When was the last time you spoke to a human person on the phone during a business dispute? Can you ever remember a time when you purchased something from an online shop and heard the words "thank you for coming in today"? Most of us can't!

How do you feel when after spending 15 minutes pressing buttons on your phone to get to a live customer service agent, you are told you have the wrong department, and are transferred back into that very system of buttons and recorded voices? Now picture if you will, as a child, stopping in at your local bakery or pizza joint and hearing the person behind the counter greet you and your family. As you leave the establishment, you hear "thank's for coming in and have a nice day".

There is a very big gap between these two situations, and what bothers me is that my children never had the chance to enjoy the second option, because they were born in a world of instant gratification and information overload. Communication has taken a hit through texting, and worst of all, people seem emotionally spent and trying to find a little spark at the local coffee shop just to get through their day.


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