Giving is a means to receiving

I watch so many business professionals invest their money in stocks, bonds, money market accounts, CD’s and even real estate. Let me be clear, I am not saying any of these are bad, I am merely stating facts. Why do so many business professionals diversify their funds? This is what we were all taught in business classes, this is what we were told was the smart way to increase our revenue. This may be true, and maybe you could remove one, two or even four of those options and still potentially increase your revenue. The issue I see with so many businesses is that they are missing a key investment in their list. This investment is were most of their revenue comes from in the first place. The investment I am speaking of is your customers. How much do you invest in your customers? Of course you have too invest funds in marketing to your customers, but what I am truly speaking about is a personal investment in you customers.

Investing time in your customers to connect with them on a more personal level just may be the largest return on investment you will make from any of the above lists. A single Yelp or Facebook post could reach thousands of potential new customers, giving you free word of mouth advertising. That is, assuming the post was a positive one. What if the post was negative, what kind of impact could this have on your business and your customer retention? Again, our business doesn’t run on stopping what you are currently doing, we merely want to enhance it to get you closer to your desired goals. Making that connection with your customers doesn’t take much effort, but the rewards are so vital to your long term success.

Contact us to find out how easy it is to connect your business to your customers, and it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, there is a plan in place for everyone!

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