What are your professional fees?

Our professional fees depend in part on the marketing goals you wish to reach. In general, there are no fees associated with a Non-Profit, but a for-profit business usually ranges from $200-$1,500 per month, with special lower fee's for new start-ups and home-based businesses. We believe in starting at the lower end of the scale in the beginning and make small incremental adjustments the closer you get to your goal. In some cases like event planning, fee's can be set as a percentage of the event profits.

How long does it take to see results?

Marketing outside the box, although it builds a stronger foundation, takes a little more time to build. You can look for increases in traffic to your website and/or social media within thirty days of launching your customized campaign, which is built after meeting with us to learn your goals. Building a connection with your business, as well as a desire for your products, brings the opportunity for increased sales. The long term steady plan we set for you will garner results that outweigh those of today's standard marketing plans. This is the main reason we allow gradual incremental adjustments in your marketing investment over time. This way both sides benefit from our dedicated hard work.

Is your customer service automated?

Absolutely not! We are a family run business and therefore pride ourselves on creating personal connections with our clients.