"Our Vision"

Our Vision is to become your road map to growth and event success!

Our Story

Working with Non-Profits for many years has taught us that ideas, drive and passion can only go so far without a dedicated team that believes in your mission. We have learned through the many Non-Profit organizations we have had the pleasure of interviewing, that most, if not all of these organizations, have the same group of individuals that do most of the work for events and fundraisers. We also learned that many of them are feeling that their age is slowing them down and making these events and fundraisers much harder to accomplish.

Most Non-Profit organizations feel as if our society is becoming more detached from "Giving", not because they don't care, but because they feel overwhelmed with the fast paced world we have built ourselves into. When asked if these Non-Profits could change only one thing, the majority said they wished to connect with more of their community on a more personal level to spread awareness of their organizations.

This is why we are here, this is why we are in business for you, because our world has become so fast paced, detached, impersonal and electronics driven that we don't even know how to communicate properly anymore. We are in a world where you can run your business from your computer at home, receive payment electronically, turn around and spend it electronically, and never once see, talk too or touch another human being.

We know there is no stopping the way our world conducts business or even social interactions, but we can add a little human touch to this virtual world. Human interaction in marketing goes a long way today, even more than it did just ten years ago. People desire human contact and connection more now, as it is fading from almost everything we do.

Let us help your Non-Profit add a little human touch to your event marketing, and watch the change it makes in everything you do.


    Meet the Team

Educational backgrounds in Customer Service, Parks and Recreation, Non-Profits, Marketing Management and Public Relations make our team solid, but it's the thirty years combined experience in the field that makes us so valuable to you.


We will help you reach your marketing goals!